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Safety and Security

RSU # 71 takes the safety of students and staff seriously and has several initiatives in place to maintain a safe and healthy school environment:

Secure vs Lockdown

RSU # uses two different procedures to help keep potential threats away from staff and students:


The Secure procedure is used when there is an incident or situation where there is no direct danger or threat perceived toward students, employees, or school facilities. School continues on as usual but students are brought inside from any outdoor activities and outside doors are secured and monitored.

Example of a secure situation: A neighboring district goes in lockdown due to a threat. As a precaution, our buildings are put into secure mode until the situation is resolved.


A lockdown is used when there is a situation in the building or the district has received information regarding a potential threat to students and employees in a school or building. Internal procedures are implemented as needed. Emergency personnel will be called on site to assist.  

Example of a lockdown situation: a threat has been identified that may impact the school directly and a lockdown is issued to place all students and staff behind locked doors until the threat is resolved.