Safety and Security

RSU # 71 takes the safety of students and staff seriously and has several initiatives in place to maintain a safe and healthy school environment:

  • School Resource Officer (SRO) - A Belfast police office is on staff as an SRO and is available for a variety of school activities related to safety.

  • Internet filtering- we use several layers of filtering in order to screen out and stop students from accessing inappropriate websites.

  • - we use a program called Gaggle to monitor student email, google drive contents, and searching in order to check for self-harm or safety situations that need administrator intervention.

  • School messaging - RSU #71 uses the messaging system built into Infinite Campus to email, call, or text parents and staff for snow days and emergency situations.

  • Security cameras - cameras are used in all schools to watch for dangerous activities

  • Keyless door entry systems - several buildings have keyless locks that allow a keyless card to be deactivated if lost. Over time more doors will be added to this system throughout the district.

  • Walkie-Talkies - all administrator and teachers now have walkie talkies that aid communication during an event.

  • Badges and automated check out procedures - this year the CASS school is piloting a new checkout system for students going home that uses badges and scanners for ensuring students are on the proper bus or with an authorized parent/guardian. This system may be expanded to other schools.

  • Relationship with Waldo County EMA - several years ago RSU #71 began working closely with the Emergency Management Agency in Waldo County to coordinate safety efforts among the school districts (RSU #20, RSU #3, and Drinkwater School), fire departments, and law enforcement (local departments, Sheriff, and State Police). An example of this coordination is the ability to use walkie talkies among the different agencies and schools.

  • Alice Training - all staff are Alice trained - click here for more information.

Lockdown vs Lockout

  • RSU # uses two different procedures to help keep potential threats away from staff and students:

A lockdown is used when there is a situation in the building or the district has received information regarding a potential threat to students and employees in a school or building. Internal procedures are implemented as needed. Emergency personnel will be called on site to assist.

Example of a lockdown situation: a threat has been identified that may impact the school directly and a lockdown is issued to place all students and staff behind locked doors until the threat is resolved.

A lockout is used when there is an incident or situation where there is no direct danger or threat perceived toward students, employees, or school facilities. School continues on as usual but students are brought inside from any outdoor activities and outside doors are secured and monitored.

Example of a lockout situation: A neighboring district goes in lockdown due to a threat. As a precaution, our buildings are put into lockout until the situation is resolved.