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Welcome Parents!

As we begin the new year, here some information for you:

Remote Learning

We are very nearly ready to begin Phase II of our Reopening, for students and families choosing Remote Learning. Our superb Assistant Superintendent Laura Miller and one of our super-talented Technology Integrators, Tracy Hayslip, met for several hours yesterday with teachers who will be leading remote learning for our K-5 students. These teachers will be working with one or two grade levels of K-5 students from elementary schools across the district and will also be providing a professional learning cohort for one another, meeting weekly on Friday afternoon to share successes and challenges of the previous week. Remote teachers at THMS have also created a formidable and enthusiastic professional team. Next week will be about remote teachers communicating with students and families, with remote instruction beginning on Monday, September 14.

Devices for students

We are doing our best to outfit every student with a chromebook in grades 3-6 and in high school, and with a Macbook Air in grades 7 & 8. These devices will be used for both in-school and remote learning.

We have ordered more chromebooks for use in grades 1 & 2 but delays in the supply lines mean we will have to use existing inventory.


RSU #71 will be providing parents with Maine State Department of Education hotspots. Assignment of a hotspot will be needs based. Phase 1 of the hotspot roll out has begun. If you find your Internet is not able to handle the remote learning load, please use this form to request a hotspot:

HotSpot Request form for RSU71 families (needs based, one per household)

Hotspot requests for usually filled first thing in the morning and an email to the requesting parent is sent out when the hotspot has been assigned. Pickup for high school students is at the high school principal's office and all other grade levels can be picked up at the Central Office behind the high school around the left side beyond the new math wing.

Thank you for your patience as we work to fulfill all of the various technology needs at this unprecedented time.

Email helpdesk@rsu71.org

In the Subject of your email type the issue. In the Body of your email, explain, in detail, what is happening. We are monitoring the the inbox and will respond as soon as possible. Here are some things you can try to resolve some common issues.