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Posted June 7, 2021: RFP for VOIP Telecommunications System & Overhead and Classroom Paging Systems

RSU71 VOIP RFP 2021.pdf
Intercoms & Floorplans addendum.pdf

Q&A from vendors:

Can we assume there is (or will be) a category 5e/6 cable drop available at each phone location in these sites? (this can also include a networked workstation data drop as well, as the IP phones can install in-line with the PC using the same jack): You can assume there will be a Cat 5e/6 drop although some may only be Cat 5 at our high school and middle school. We've been upgrading as go but not all rooms may be set - the plan is to get there, however.

-Is there any type of inventory listing of the current overhead paging equipment in use at these sites that you can share? (number of page zones being used, number/type of speakers (wall or ceiling or horn): We don't have an inventory for our paging systems - you have the models listed in the RFP. I'll check with my network manager to see if he has any info we can share and get back to you.

Does the School District currently have a VMware ESXi virtual environment on which to virtualize the PBX call control software, or are we to provide that? If RSU 71 has this, in which building does this reside? We do run Windows VM but I'm not sure if we have sufficient resources for another server. Is there a cloud based option?

-Is there a breakdown of the phone counts listed on pg. 12 to tell us how many are Admin vs Office vs Classroom phones at each site? The column "Premium user" is the secretaries who will need the ability to transfer calls, etc. All of the rest can have standard phones.

-For a hosted solution, would you prefer to keep the fax lines in place on copper, or utilize E-fax feature via the hosted system? We would like to keep the copper lines in place for now - partly as a backup phone line - but I'd be curious to know the cost for an E-Fax system.

-I understand that RSU 71 will provide PoE managed switch ports at all phone locations needed. Will the school districts IT staff configure these, or would the vendor be expected to do so? I'm losing my network guy at the end of the month, so I'll be the one working with you and probably might need some help. We can also utilize the GTAC people who we have a support contract with.

-Which building houses the District Office? The district office is physically in the high school.

-Are the cordless phones at each location meant as a “shared” phone for basic use, or will they require voicemail like other staff phones? They would be used mainly by the secretaries when they are away from their desk so do not need voicemail.

Additional questions:

1.) Will Cat5e or better cabling be at each phone location? Possibly not at the high school and middle school.

2.) Are the paging speakers being replaced, if so can you give us speaker counts at each school? Can you give us model numbers of existing paging amplifiers? No, paging speakers are not being replaced.

3.) Can you give us more detail into what you are looking for google domain integration i.e. what applications are you using? We use Google Workspace Plus for Education.

4.) In a large VoIP deployment such as this we recommend creating voice VLAN’s and multiple subnets. Do your PoE data switches support multiple VLANs and routing between networks? Could you also share with us the make, model, and size of your PoE data switches?

ExtremeSwitching X440-G2 Model X440-G2-48p-10GE4

Manufacturer Part# 16535T, UPC Code: 644728008667, Layer Supported: 3

Total Number of Network Ports: 48, Number of Total Expansion Slots: 8

5.) Do you have any type of a network design drawing you can share?

A drawing is shared to the left and above.

6.) Are there any users requiring headseats? The bid asks for a headset option as well as phone option

Can you provide number by school? Use the number counts for the phones.

7.) What please clarify “A/V collaboration participation” are you looking for?

That’s audio/visual collaboration.

8.) Please clarify what is meant by “ability to add remote users securely without additional (VPN)”

We want users to be able to use the system outside of school without a VPN connection.

9.) Please specify the number of levels of Auto-Attendant Required (sub-menus) per site.

I don’t have the answer to that at this time, but it should probably be 5 or more.

More Questions:

On Page 3 last paragraph (iii), it is asking for a detailed layout of where proposed equipment will be placed with the District’s buildings.

First question is equipment, does that mean the PBX? Or did you mean where all equipment and devices will be placed in all the buildings?

Second question is, do you have floor plans of said building(s)?

That statement should not have been in there as any equipment on-prem would go in data closets anyway but I'm really hoping for a cloud based solution - I'll add the floor plans to show where the closets would be which will also give an idea of what the intercoms will need to cover.

Page 10 does not indicate or itemize the current Intercom system for the other 5 buildings. Page 9 indicates to integrate phone system with

overhead paging system. Can you tell us exactly which portions of each paging system you’d like replaced? For example, are we replacing

controllers, amplifiers, wiring, speakers? Is the level of replacement the same for every building? Are there any buildings with no paging

system in place? Going back to this item, is there information to be provided on the current intercom system at the other 5 buildings.

If no information is known, would it be possible to visit all the sites tomorrow, Friday June 18 to find out more info about the paging system?

I'll have more detail on the paging systems this afternoon as it's all over the map and I realize I need to be more thorough about it. We have a true intercom system in two buildings, and in some other buildings the phone system drives some amps to power speakers in the rooms & hallways, and in other buildings we have nothing. I'll get a detailed list of what buildings have in each of them for you. I'll include this info in the floor plans.

Will we need to interface to Consolidated’s PSTN network in each separate building or will Consolidated be providing a hand off of all

the numbers at BAHS, where you requested the VoIP switching equipment will be connected. I'm thinking I'd want to interface those lines in each building since they are used for fire protection and elevators, but I would like to know what benefits consolidating the lines at BAHS might confer.

We want to verify Page 13 – 3rd paragraph with Page 17 – item 4.4

Page 13 indicates we are delivering the phones at each location with an initial set-up required, but the school district will provide

all the resources and personnel to physically place handsets/telephones in every classroom and verify connectivity to VoIP. Page 17 4.4

indicates that the District expects that bidders to include all necessary installation of software and equipment onto the District’s Network.

The two above contradict and it is also unclear what you mean by Page 26 Item 7. We are to deliver the phones at each location and

then return to pick up all the debris/packaging? Please clarify how you envision the logistics on the above.

This is another case where the wording was not clear - I would expect the vendor to install on-prem equipment onto our network with our help, but a cloud-based solution would not require as much network configuring - the phones need to be installed in any solution and we will do that (recall I'm also considering a headset on laptop config instead of phones as an option - see top of page 11). Page 26 item 7 for me just means to include any shipping costs in the bid price - we don't want to be surprised by any shipping charges if items do need to be shipped. I expect most vendors to bring items with them but with shipping being so screwed up these days I just want to make sure shipping cost is included if needed.

Would it be acceptable for us (Bidder) to complete installation in August while school is out-of-session? Yes. I just wanted flexibility since the supply chain is so strained right now.

And more:

Do the schools in the district have Wi-Fi access points? If yes, can these Wi-Fi access points be used to support the cordless handsets? Yes and yes.

Only the primary number is listed for each location. Are there additional DID numbers per location? If so, can these be listed by location?

Here's the list of all of our numbers by location:


The Ames Elementary and Kermit Nickerson schools do have an amp for driving speakers.

Please quote a 70volt amp and a 25 volt amp as I don't know the specific voltages on some of the amps so we may have to pick and choose which one we need on the project.

I also want to be clear that I'm expecting a secretary or admin to page both to the speakers and the telephone handsets at the same time on an all-call like we currently do. The RFP may not have specified that as clearly as I wanted it to.

Finally, the high school band room amp has a situation where the band room does not get paged, but turns on a light letting the instructor know there has been an announcement - that will need to be kept in place.

Posted May 21, 2021: Projector Mount Installation: Bids closing extended - will now close at 12:00pm June 19, 2021. See RFP document and Epson installation guide below.

Projector-Mounting-RFP 2021-01.pdf

Response to questions:

  1. What is the earliest they can start to work on the install, and can they work on Saturdays? Work can start anytime but students are done school on June 9 so it being so late I'd say we can start June 10. We'd rather stick to Mon-Fri.

  2. Can the techs work between the hours of 8am and 5pm if the students are out on summer holiday, or does the work have to be done after hours? We typically go 7am - 4pm but those hours could work.

  3. Is there any old hardware to be removed and disposed of? There are a handful of older Epson short throw projectors - around 10-12 of them (I'd have to go count them).

  4. Is the power outlet close enough for the projector power cable to reach, or will an extension be required? An extension will be required for almost all classrooms so I'd plan on one for each classroom. I'd like a powerstrip at the top of the projector in order to plug in the projector, apple TV, and possibly a sound system all above the whiteboard.

  5. Do the white boards need to be installed? We plan on either moving or putting in needed whiteboards.

  6. Will all the items be ready in the classrooms, or will they be responsible for gathering the equipment and moving it to the classrooms/schools. We will have the items pre-positioned in the classrooms.

  7. Do you need the projectors configured and set up, or just installed? The RFP calls for the interactive piece to be installed by the vendor.

Epson Projector Mount Install Guide.pdf