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Welcome Mary Alice McLean as Superintendent of Schools for RSU 71.

Mrs. McLean can be reached by email at mamclean@rsu71.org or phone by calling (207) 338-1960

Greetings from Mrs. McLean - July 2018

I am honored to be the new Superintendent of Schools in RSU # 71 and have loved getting to know our district over the last two years while serving as principal of Belfast Area High School.  We enjoy many blessings in our communities and its schools, including:

  • Engaged students who know all about hard work hard and who daily employ their prodigious energies, interests and talents in various pathways, experiencing different types of learning: academic, social, emotional, technical, co-and-extracurricular, service, project-based, performance-based, and, often, gainful employment beyond the school;

  • Dedicated and hard-working educators who care deeply about and are devoted to their calling: to help children succeed in school and in life, to sheperd each of them safely through the K - 12 continuum, to notice and build upon each student’s unique qualities and, as important, to enable each student to apprehend, apply and adapt his or her own strengths and challenges in ways that are authentically motivating and that contribute to their school, community and world; 
  • Hard-working parents, grandparents and extended families who love and support their children and make it a priority to help each of them thrive in an atmosphere of affection, respect and high expectation.

I look forward to working with others to leverage these assets and to continue the development of a top-notch school system in which every single student grows up with a deep sense of belonging and a quiet confidence that he or she will, through hard work and the acquiring of a strong set of 21st century skills, go on to lead a life of purpose and fulfillment. Please feel free to be in touch with me: stop by central office to say hi or send an email, or call, or schedule an appointment.


Mary Alice McLean