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Equipment Repair/Swap

If there is an issue with your device or charger that cannot be resolved, here are the procedures the Technology Department have established in order to keep everyone safe:
  • An issue is identified in need of repair or swap out.
  • Tech department will email parent/student with instructions.
  • The equipment swap will take place at Belfast Area High School.
  • Go into the main front doors, and in between the outer and inner doors there will be laptop cart. 
  • Open the red padlock using the combination sent in the email.
  • Place the broken laptop or charger in the plastic bag that will be left on the shelf with your name on it.
  • Take the replacement laptop or charger as needed (keep any item not being replaced).
  • Close and lock up the cart after you have bagged the broken laptop/charger and place it on the top shelf in the cart.
The technology department will leave all dropped off items for three days, then will sanitize the items using a mix of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water and with UV-C device.