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Parent Portal and Contact Updates

As a parent or guardian of a student in RSU 71 you automatically get a parent portal account.  There are new tools that we were going roll out in the 2020-2021 school year but have decided that now would be a good time to put these tools to use.  The portal gives you access to your student's grades and assignments and allows you to update your contact info so we have the most up to date information.  Click here to see a summary of the changes available now and coming soon.
Getting Logged In

Portal Login Site

First time users
  • On the login screen, click Forgot Password
    Enter your username (Your username is your email address)

  • Check your email and follow the directions to create a password
    If you do not receive an email - see directions below.

  • Go back to the Login screen and enter your username and password that you just created
If you do not receive an email it means we do not have your email address.  Call the school your child attends or email icsupport@rsu71.org  to request access.

Check Your Contact Information
Once logged in, click More. The three areas below Address Information, Demographics and Family Information are all links in the More area.

Address Information
This will show your current primary phone number and mailing address.  Click Update if either of these are incorrect.  A message will be sent to the school to approve the request.

Think of this as your student's Emergency Contacts.  The contacts and phone numbers will be listed for the selected student.  If you have more than one student in your household, click the drop down at the top right to view the info for other students.  You can request updates to this info and add or remove contacts.  A message will be sent to the school to approve the request.

Family Information
This lists all of the family relationships and other contact info such as cell phone, work phone and email addresses.  You can request updates to this info by clicking update next to the person.  Clicking Update in the Contact Information section allows you to update email and phone numbers.  Clicking Update in the Relationships section allows you to update the relationship type and guardian info as well as the Emergency Contact priority for that member of the family.

View Student Upcoming Assignments
Only Belfast Area HS uses the grade book extensively.  Info from other schools will vary.

Click Today
This will show all assignments due today and tomorrow for the student selected

Click Calendar
This will show Assignments due in a calendar view - dots by the date indicate an assignment due date.  Click the day and the assignment due will be shown. You can also view Attendance and Schedule in this view

Click Assignments
This will list all assignments in all classes.  Here you can also filter for assignments that were marked Missing by the teacher.

View Student Grades
This tool is available at all schools.

Click Grades
This is basically the report card.  It will list the overall current in-progress grade for the student (If the school uses the online grade book) as well as grades that go on the report card that gets sent home. It defaults to the current term.  Clicking a previous term shows the grades the student received on their report card for that term.

Ames Elementary
(207) 342-5100

(207) 338-1790

(207) 338-0261

(207) 338-3510

East Belfast
(207) 338-4420

Gladys Weymouth
(207) 342-5300

Kermit Nickerson
(207) 338-1858

(207) 338-3320