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Request For Proposal Page

This page is for information related to the Request For Proposal for NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE EQUIPMENT
AND MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, E-Rate project: 190011931 due Feb 8, 2019 (see page 17 of the RFP for instructions for submitting bids).

Approximate number of employees in district: 250
Approximate number of students in district: 1650

The following sites have 1 Gbps connections to internet: Belfast Area High School, Troy Howard Middle School, Capt Albert Stevens School, East Belfast School, Belfast Alternate high school BCOPE. 

The following sites have 300 Mbps: Kermit Nickerson School, Gladys Weymouth Elementary School.

The following site has 100 Mbps: Ames Elementary School.

A copy of RFP is below.
Dave Fournier,
Jan 9, 2019, 6:19 AM