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RSU#71 Students Shine at The Regional Middle School Math Meet

posted Mar 4, 2020, 6:49 AM by Christine Guerette   [ updated Mar 12, 2020, 11:45 AM ]

On Thursday February, 27, 2020, sixteen students from Troy Howard Middle School, Ames Elementary School, Captain Albert Stevens School and the Nickerson School competed in the regional Math Meet held at the China Lake Conference Center. Students from 6 other middle schools participated including those from China, Winslow, Searsport, and Vassalboro.

The competition was divided into three sections: 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels. As younger students can play up a grade level, students from the 4th and 5th grades Extended Learning Program joined the THMS team. In addition, some 6th graders and 7th graders moved up a grade level to fill out the 8th grade team.

The Competition was divided into three rounds:

Round 1: Individual Round (no calculators - 25 minutes)

Round 2: Individual Round (calculators permitted - 15 minutes)

Round 3: Team Round (4 students work together with calculators - 25 minutes)

Awards are given to the top scoring students and top scoring teams at each grade level. All RSU#71 teams went home with team ribbons and 3 students placed in the top 4 at their grade level.

8th Grade Team: 1st Place (143 points)

Gabe Austin (THMS - 8th) - 1st place individual - perfect score 

Rohan Joseph (THMS - 7th) 

Esme Deschamps (THMS - 7th) 

Breanna Shorey (THMS - 7th) 

7th grade: 1st Place (137 points - tie)

Isobel Fuerko (THMS - 7th) - 1st Place Individual

Eva Ociepka (THMS - 7th) 

Piper Sanders (THMS - 7th) 

Katy Bitely (THMS - 6th)

6th Team B: 2nd Place (112 points)

Lacy Ward (THMS - 6)

Justin Massey (Ames - 5th)

Connor Faulkingham (Nickerson - 5th)

6th Grade: 3rd Place (111 points)

Ian Beal (CASS - 4th) - 4th place individual

Misaki Kranendok (THMS - 6th)

Nevaeh Martin (THMS - 6th)

Ibis Bird (CASS - 5th)

Math Team Coaches and Teachers: Nicholas Hills, Jean Lawliss, Jamie Potvin, and Jacquie Gage

Congratulations to all our RSU#71 Mathletes and their math coaches for a job well done! There will be one more math meet this spring scheduled for April 30. Students are looking forward to another day of intellectual fun! (photos attached)

How would you do at a Math Team Meet? Try these sample problems below: 

  1. There are 100 children in a school. Half the boys and two thirds of the girls can swim. If 43 kids can't swim, how many boys are in the school?


  1. How many grams are in 2.2 kilograms?


  1. If there are 27 marbles in a bag numbered 1 through 27, what is the probability that you reach in and pull out a number that is divisible by three?


Answers: 1. 58    

                2. 2,200 grams

                3. 1/3