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RSU71 Students Shine at the Maine State Chess Competition

posted Apr 1, 2020, 9:31 AM by Christine Guerette

On Saturday, March 7, 2020, the Maine Scholastic Team Chess Championships were held at the University of Maine in Orono. Teams of students in grades K-12 from approximately 50 different Maine schools came together to participate in this rigorous competition. This was an extraordinary event of sportsmanship, skill, and intellectual fun!!

The competition was divided into multiple grade level divisions and ability sections. All students played four intense games and were initially paired based on their national chess ratings. Overall team scores were based on the number of wins of the top 5-scoring students on each team. 

Twenty eight chess players in grades 1-10 from the CASS, Nickerson, Ames, THMS and BAHS participated. 

RSU#71 teams, players, and results:

High School Reserve Division (12 teams, 42 students)

Belfast Area High School : 3rd place

Eli Slaughter (rated 1341): 1st place individual  - 4 wins (undefeated)

Ronin Deschamps : 7th place individual -  3 wins 

(Students did not play in the championship division as 3 more team members were needed for that category)

Middle School Championship Division (13 teams)

Troy Howard Middle School: 10th place

Rohan Joseph: 2.5 wins

Gabe Austin: 2 wins

Brogan Mcavoy: 2 wins

Emma Dietz: 1 win

Haylie Whitney: 1 draw

Elementary grades 4-5 Division ( 11 teams, 61 students)

Ames/Nickerson team: Tied for 1st in wins - ranked 2nd place after tie breakers

Justin Massay: 5th place student - 3 wins, 1 draw 

Avery : 6th place student - 3 wins

Cole Gerrish: 9th place student - 3 wins

Austin Ames: 13th place student - 3 wins

Connor Faulkingham: 2 wins

Captain Albert Stevens School: 4th place 

Alex Miller: 3 wins

Ibis Bird: 3 wins

Silas Ociepka: 3 wins

Ian Beal: 2.5 wins

Seth Whitney: 2 wins

Kathleen Hutchinson: 1 win

Kingston Lawrence: 1 win

Kaden Grigor: 1 win

Elementary grades 2-3 Division (9 teams, 39 players) 

Captain Albert Stevens School: Tied for 1st in wins - ranked 2nd place after tie breakers

Avery Adams: 3 wins

Wes Engstrom: 3 wins

Maxwell Dyer: 3 wins

Lucas Canning: 3 wins

Pierson Dietz: 2.5 wins

Scarlett Amber: 1 win

Elementary grades K-1 Division 

Captain Albert Stevens School: 

Raegan Adams - 2 wins and was solo on our  team!!

A huge congratulations to the 28 chess players from RSU71 for their outstanding work representing our community at the State Tournament. Our students showed outstanding sportsmanship and played beautifully!! In addition, a grateful thanks goes out to all the parents for helping out!!

For a complete overview of the tournament results go to Maine Chess: 


Ames/Nickerson team - 2nd place winners 

CASS grades 2 / 3 team - 2nd place

CASS grades 4 / 5 team - 4th place 

Alex Miller reporting his victory to the tournament director for scoring. Ibis Bird plays in the background.