Plan to reopen schools and upcoming meetings

posted Jul 31, 2020, 11:33 AM by Dave Fournier

Greetings RSU # 71 Students, Families, Staff, School Board, and Task Force to Safely Reopen Schools for Classroom Instruction,

I'd like to call your attention to two meetings and two documents.
1) There is a school board meeting via ZOOM on Monday, August 3 at 5:30 pm for the purposes of voting on the district's DRAFT Plans for Returning to Classroom Instruction (click here). Directions for attending will be listed on the district website. The state of Maine has been designated as GREEN by the Maine CDC and DOE: Also, click here to see answers to 21 Questions to ask before sending your kids to school.

2) There is another school board meeting via ZOOM on Tuesday, August 4 at 5:30. It is a public hearing on our RSU #71 proposed budget for FY '21. Directions will be listed on the district website (click here) if you would like to attend and provide public comment on the proposed budget, which may be found in full on the district website.

     -Mary Alice