Phase I, II and III of High School Renovation/Construction

posted Jan 23, 2019, 10:38 AM by Betty Lu Davis
I'd like to thank the Belfast Area High School community -- students, staff, parents, board members and community members -- for your continuing patience and forbearance as we experience the inevitable effects of such an enormous and complex project. Phases I and II (renovation of the pool, locker-rooms, gym, cafeteria, lobby, bathroom, hallways leading to the new addition, home economics and the construction of new special education and math wings) are now substantially complete; and we are deep into the final Phase III, which entails the demolition of the old special education classrooms, which will be turned into space for Adult Education and the Central Office. 

All math classes will begin in the new addition on the first day of second semester, Monday, January 25; the floors are being polished as I write. The first floor is already fully occupied by students and staff. The new addition is beautiful! 

We will be having an Open House early on in the new year so that parents and community members can see the new spaces. Stay tuned! I look forward to celebrating such a fine moment in the life of RSU # 71 and to giving thanks to all the people who are making it possible.

One of the factors prompting this message today is to address several school evacuations that have occurred during mid-term exams this week. Initially we thought these had happened as a result of the dust from construction setting off the fire alarms.  We have since learned that it is a wiring problem, one unconnected to the crews working on sight but rather to our alarm company.  Repair men are fixing problems this afternoon -- we hope that no more evacuations need occur!

I would ask all students, staff, parents and community members with questions, suggestions or concerns to please be in touch directly with me by calling (338-1960), emailing ( or stopping by the central office (6A Lions Way, straight down the hill from the high school).

Best regards,    -Mary Alice