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Family Math Night

posted Feb 27, 2020, 10:16 AM by Betty Lu Davis

Family Math Night scores high

Feb 24, 2020
Students and parents have fun with math at a recent Math Night at Troy Howard Middle School.

BELFAST — Over a hundred elementary school students and their parents got together recently to eat pizza and play math games at stations staffed by 18 mentors from Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition.

The Feb. 11 evening at Troy Howard Middle School featured game stations ranging from counting games and board games for kindergartners, to “Let’s Build a House,” and solving probability and logic puzzles for fourth- and fifth-graders. Students learned how to estimate costs, add money, figure areas, toss balls and bean bags for statistics, manipulate geometric puzzles, and play Mancala and Cribbage.

Thirty pizzas from Alexia’s quickly disappeared before the games began. The evening finished with a contest with different schools vying to solve a Lines-and-Dots problem on the stage.

At Family Math Night, parents and students take away game plans to keep playing at home. Each student takes home a Math Journal for keeping track of games. Feedback from parents was that they wanted to keep playing math games with their families. The next Math Night will be April 15.



Kids teach kids at Troy Howard Math Night Feb. 11. The next Math Night is planned for April 15.