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posted Feb 1, 2018, 6:34 AM by Betty Lu Davis

Blues Soup!

As a part of our unit on the Blues and in collaboration with the Belfast Soup Kitchen and Mr. Groening, Tech Ed teacher at Troy Howard Middle School, the 6th grade general music class will be making and then playing diddley bows.  What’s a diddley bow you say?!

The diddley bow is a single-stringed instrument that originated in the rural South and has had a major influence on American blues and rock music. It consists of a single string of wire pulled tight between two nails mounted on a piece of wood. It was traditionally considered a starter or children's instrument in the South.  It was created by plantation slaves from West Africa who made them out of whatever they could find.  We will be following in these early musicians footsteps by using scrap lumber provided by Mr. Groening and soup cans from the Belfast Soup Kitchen.  The soup will be donated by our music class to the soup kitchen in exchange for the cans.  This is a very exciting way for our students to connect with our community and we are very thankful for the opportunity to collaborate!

4th Annual Mattress Sale!!!!

The BAHS Visual and Performing Arts Department and Footlights Booster Club would like to thank all of those who came and supported us (and consequently themselves with the purchase of a new mattress) at our 4th Annual Mattress Sale this past January.  We had a lot of traffic through the doors and the students generated a lot of excitement, we are so proud of you.  23 mattresses and an assortment of bedding accessories will now have new homes thanks to you!  Funds from this and next year’s sale are helping to send music students to NYC (2019), art students to Boston, and will help pay for production costs for our theater department. If you or anyone you know is in need or will be in need of a new mattress we will be hosting this sale again next school year so we hope to see you there!  

Modern Band seniors to perform for Maine Arts Commission

On February 27 senior members of the BAHS modern band class (Taylor Kinney- bass guitar, Jesse Kulbe- guitar and vocals, Jesse Perry- drums, and Macartney Wyatt- keyboard and vocals) will be performing for a Maine Arts Commission hosted statewide luncheon on the economic impact of Maine’s arts and cultural sectors, featuring guest speakers Randy Cohen, Vice President of Research and Policy, Americans for the Arts (AFTA), and Dee Schneidman, the Program Director for Research and Creative Economy at the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA). The luncheon will also include the first release of membership information for ArtsEngageME, the Arts Commission’s new nonprofit support and advocacy organization.  BAHS art teacher Caitlin Alger and her students will be creating centerpieces for the luncheon also.  Students will be performing “Walk of Life” by Dire Straits, “How to Save a Life” by The Fray, “ Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash, “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men, and “Fix You” by Coldplay.  This is an exciting opportunity for all BAHS students involved and another great showcase of the work being done in the arts at RSU 71!

Students selected to participate at the KVMEA and All-State Band/Orchestra/Chorus Festivals

Congratulations to all musicians who auditioned for both the KVMEA Music Festival and All-State Band/Orchestra/Chorus Festival, we are proud of your hard work!

Students selected to perform at the KVMEA Festival on February 2 and 3:

Troy Howard Middle School

Marina Bannister- 6

Annabelle Lisa- 6

Luna Carlson- 7

Karyn Kilby- 7

Brynne Sawyer- 7

Hayle Withee- 7

Matthew Shelton 8

Belfast Area High School

Phoebe Norman- 9

Emily Wakeman- 9

Cameron Johnson- 11

Olivia Laroche-DeFrees- 12

Madison Hemingway- 12

Macartney Wyatt- 12

Students selected to perform at the All-State Band/Orchestra/Chorus Festival this May 17-19:

Belfast Area High School

Phoebe Norman- 9

Emily Wakeman- 9

Cameron Johnson- 11

Olivia Laroche-DeFrees- 12

Again, congratulations to all students!  Concert ticket information can be found at the following websites:

KVMEA- http://kvmea.org

All-State- http://mainemmea.org/2017-state-info/